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Between the Cataracts. Part 2, fascicule 2 – ebook


Włodzimierz Godlewski   Adam Łajtar  





Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


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Between the Cataracts, Part Two: Session Papers (fasc. 1-2) completes the publication of the proceedings of the 11th Conference of Nubian Studies that was held at the University of Warsaw in 2006.

It follows in the wake of the first volume of the proceedings which included the main papers read at the conference.

The Session Papers reflect the richness of periods and topics that were discussed: from the Paleolithic to the Fung Sultanate of Sennar and from Prehistory through the Kerma, Napata and Meroe civilizations and the post-Meroe and Christian kingdoms. An extensive section is devoted to current fieldwork, the results of which are sure to fuel new studies.

The volume opens with a section of general-interest papers and closes with the content of two workshops bringing together specialist on the languages in one case and the royal iconography on the other in the Middle Nile Valley. Altogether the second part brings 80 articles. The papers cover diverse aspects of research from descriptive reports on recent fieldwork (with a sizable section focusing on the Fourth Cataract salvage effort), through documentary studies and insightful analyses of Nubian society, architecture and art.

In their entirety, Between the Cataracts not only illustrate the topographical scope of Nubian studies, but also the richness and rapid development of this scholarly discipline.

Keywords: ancient Nubia, archaeological excavations, archeology, International Congress of Nubiological Studies.

Between the Cataracts. Part 2, fascicule 2 - ebook

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