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Bomba, the Jungle Boy in the Swamp of Death – ebook


Roy Rockwood  






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The ongoing adventures of the courageous Bomba the Jungle Boy! In „Swamp of Death,” Bomba wants to return to Gonibobo’s camp to reclaim the pages of Japazy’s notebook that were torn out there. Bomba and Gibo had barely escaped the cannibals but Bomba is determined to retrieve the torn pages. „Swamp of Death” is a fast-moving read, an exciting narrative of Bomba’s many heroic exploits. It moves and reads like a comic book. Lacking the visual element, the book focuses on vivid descriptions of Bomba’s rippling muscles and superior strength. With such amazing strength, it is no wonder that Bomba was willing to embark on a mission that would have been certain death for anyone else. The Bomba books always include cheerleader characters who rapturously voice their astonishment and amazement every time Bomba performs a feat of strength and courage.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy in the Swamp of Death - ebook

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