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Chicot the Jester – ebook


Alexandre Dumas  






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Amidst the conspiracy of the Holy League to make the Duke of Anjou king, Bussy d’Amboise falls in love with a lady of the court of Henry III – a lady with a very jealous husband! This sequel to Dumas’ „Marguerite de Valois” begins four years after the sudden death of King Charles IX and succession of his brother Henry III. Bristling with political plots, secret assignations, mysteries, daring escapes, duels, surprising alliances and betrayals, Dumas orchestrates two plotlines: one of the love ignited between le Comte de Bussy and la Dame de Monsoreau, and another of the friendship between King Henry III and his truly unique jester, Chicot (Jean-Antoine d’Anglerais). All these come together in a very scene-driven, absolutely over-the-top novel. Concerning one of Dumas’s most well-known and marvelously crafted characters, „Chicot the Jester” is a must-read for fans of Dumas’s seminal work, and is not to be missed by the discerning collector.

Chicot the Jester - ebook

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