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Courting Demons – ebook


Leon Baar  




989 Instytut Kreowania Skuteczności


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It’s a hot summer in the city, and we meet an unusual pair in the employ of the Catholic Church. Thomas is an atheist graduate of the seminary and he knows Scripture and faith better than many priests. Maria, one of the first consecrated women, is an exorcist. Together they form a highly effective team that tracks demons and drives them out of the possessed.

Their latest case – a father fighting for his daughter's health – stands out from the beginning. With every new discovery, mysteries multiply, and the trail leads through the dark corners of faith and the human soul. Thomas and Maria will not only have to face a powerful opponent, but also confront their own weaknesses. Will disputing with demons full of erudition and manipulation dispel Thomas's doubts? How about temptation lurking elsewhere?

Leon Baar invites the reader to reflect deeply on the role of faith in human life. Intertwining brilliant dialogue, sharp humour and rapid plot twists and turns, the book is engrossing from the first pages and holds the reader in suspense until the very end.

Courting Demons - ebook

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