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Dave Dashaway And His Giant Airship – ebook


Roy Rockwood  






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Roy Rockwood was a house pseudonym used for boy’s adventure books, including „Bomba the Jungle Boy”. The Dave Dashaway series focused on aerial adventures. Dave Dashaway continues to explore new horizons and to stay one step ahead of his nemesis! In „Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship or A Marvelous Trip Across the Atlantic” Dave Dashaway is back, this time trying to beat Jerry Dawson in an airship race across the Atlantic Ocean, avoiding armed gunmen, fire, sharks, and all of the dangers of the open skies. From ghosts to stowaways, you won’t want to stop until Dave’s feet are safely on solid ground. How the giant airship was constructed and how the daring young aviator and his friends made the hazardous journey through the clouds from the new world to the old, is told in a way to hold the reader spellbound.

Dave Dashaway And His Giant Airship - ebook

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