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Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane – ebook


Roy Rockwood  






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Running an airship took nerve, steadiness of purpose, a definite, concrete way of looking at things. Dave knew in his own mind that the Drifter was each hour speeding farther and farther away from the haunts of men. He recalled the old adage, however, which says „the more haste the less speed,” and he determined to stick to the plan he had mentally outlined at the start. In „Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane”, Dave is called in to assist in the recovery of a hydro-aeroplane, or as we would know it, a seaplane. Criminals have already figured out how to use this exciting new invention for evil, and Dave must nip it in the bud! This second volume of the series shows how Dave continued his career as a birdman and had many adventures over the Great Lakes, and how he foiled the plans of some Canadian smugglers.

Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane - ebook

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