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Game Theory in Jurisprudence – ebook


Wojciech Załuski  




Copernicus Center Press


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Game theory is a branch of mathematics which studies strategic interactions, i.e., interactions which involve more than one agent and in which each agent makes her decision while striving to predict the decisions of other agents. Game theory has been successfully applied in many areas of both the natural and social sciences, and it is the belief of this book’s author – Wojciech Załuski – that it can also be gainfully invoked in the area of legal philosophy. In this book, Załuski analyzes such legal-philosophical concepts as legal interpretation, justice, legal rights, contract, tort and property law through the lens of game theory. Since the book does not assume any previous knowledge of game theory, it appeals mainly to its conceptual rather than the technical side, and intertwines game-theoretical analysis with the philosophical, it will be accessible to a wider circle of readers interested in legal and moral philosophy.

Game Theory in Jurisprudence - ebook

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