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Health at your request. Volume 1 – ebook


Józef Słonecki  







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Can you take care about your health?

How can you take care about your health if you do not know what is health?

If you have no knowledge, you will fall for anything.

This is the book about health, your health and only health!

Let me tell you about an institution that focuses exclusively on diseases is called... health care. Is it a mistake or a well thought out intrigue designed to camouflage reality? How much human misery could be avoided if people called it by its real name – disease service?

If this were to be the case, many of us would wonder whether this is the institution we should count on if we really care about our own health. Instead... if doctors represent health care, it means that they must be qualified to take care of the health of their patients, and... you can entrust them fully with one of the most prized possessions – your own health as well as the health of your loved ones. Especially since ordinary people lack basic knowledge of health.

Before we take our health into our own hands, we most often see with our own eyes that the greatest threat is primarily medicine. It really comes as no surprise, as treating people and selling drugs is simply aimed at making money off diseases. Therefore, no one in the medical field is interested in the health of society as they simply cannot benefit from that. It can thus be said that healthy society is a powerful inhibitor to the development of medicine which, next to armaments industry, is the second most profitable industry in the world. In order to secure a stable and reliable market for the future, the pharmaceutical and medical lobby has created a particular species – patients; purch asers of medicines and medical services. Let us take a look at some of the most spectacular projects aimed at the implementation of this evil plan.

Are you ready to take your health into own hands? Are you ready to stop being a patient?

It is your own decision. I will just provide you knowledge.

Health at your request. Volume 1 - ebook

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