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In Pawn – ebook


Ellis Parker Butler  





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Excerpt from „In Pawn”: Lem Redding had a dimple in his cheek that appeared when he smiled. For a boy with a faceful of freckles he was pretty. He had dear, bright gray eyes, and his smile, aided by the dimple, made most folks love him at sight. His hair was brown, as his dead mother’s had been; in fact he was much like that mother in more ways than one-far more like her than he was like Harvey Redding, his father. Lem was quick, agile, lively, and Harvey was plumb lazy. This book presents „In Pawn” (1921), from Ellis Parker Butler. Butler, the author of more than 30 books and more than 2,000 stories and essays, is most famous for his short story „Pigs is Pigs”.

In Pawn - ebook

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