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Israel an American Catastrophe – ebook


Stash Pruszynski  





Instytut Wydawniczy Książka i Prasa


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Of all people, the Jews should know what may happen when a nation feels it has been wronged and starts looking for a scapegoat.”

The author of these words, a former Canadian newspaper reporter, Stash Pruszynski argues passionately that the Diaspora Jews, who for years have supported the only remaining apartheid state on earth, should cut their ties with Israel before it’s too late. For 50 years, twelve times longer than the occupation of France in WWII, Israel’s treatment of its Arab neighbors has been soiling the reputation of all Jews, posing the greatest danger to their long-term well-being, prosperity and security while constantly undermining America’s vital interests. Pruszynski argues that without Israel’s toxic links with Washington and the unprecedented corrupting influence of The Lobby on top US politicians as well as on the Pentagon, there would have been no 9/11 and so no Iraqi and Afghani disasters

Israel an American Catastrophe - ebook

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