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Jo’s Boys and How They Turned Out – ebook


Louisa May Alcott  






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Better known for her novels „Little Women” and „Little Men”, Louisa May Alcott continued the story of her feisty protagonist Jo in this final novel chronicling the adventures and misadventures of the March family. It is the only Alcott novel that has not had a film adaption. Originally published in 1886, two years before Ms. Alcott’s death, Jo’s boys follows the lives of the young men readers came to love and cherish in its prequel. In it, we learn the fates of Jo’s sons Rob and Teddy, along with the other boys at Plumfield Estate School. Each boy must learn to deal with death, love, heartbreak, disappointment and the consequences of their actions. Entertaining, surprising, and overall a joy to read, Jo’s boys is nevertheless shaded by a bittersweet tone, for with it Alcott brought her wonderful series to an end.

Jo’s Boys and How They Turned Out - ebook

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