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Kilo – ebook


Ellis Parker Butler  





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Beloved humor writer Ellis Parker Butler hits it out of the ballpark with his first full-length novel, „Kilo: Being the Love Story of Eliph’ Hewlitt, Book Agent”. The plot centers around Eliph’ Hewlitt, a travelling book salesman of the horse-and-buggy era who finds the love of his life in Kilo, Iowa and he decides on the spot to marry her and settles down there, peddling books to the locals, but Sally Briggs, the woman whom he’s fixated on, doesn’t feel the same way. The comic adventure involves a lot of fire-extinguishers, local graft, the newspaper printer, and various other people of importance in the tiny town. Along the way, we meet several amusing individuals to whom Eliph’ is trying to sell his one-volume encyclopedia.

Kilo - ebook

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