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Mr. Marx’s Secret – ebook


E. Phillips Oppenheim  





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This is another adventure Oppenheim thriller written in 1899. When Phillip Morton is eight years old, his father is pushed off the edge of a slate quarry. A servant from the local castle is suspected. Ten years later, by chance, Phillip meets the lord of the local castle, the scholar and adventurer Ravenor. On a whim, Ravenor offers to pay for Phillip’s further education if Phillip will befriend his wayward nephew. Phillip meets Mr. Marx, Lord Ravenor’s secretary, and is both attracted and repelled by him. Mysterious pasts, lonely castle, family secrets, evil adventurers, dissolute youths, disguises and madness... a little of everything, including lovely ladies. The hero Philip Morton doesn’t know who to trust. Very enjoyable and escapist as many characters live in extreme luxury.

Mr. Marx’s Secret - ebook

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