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Packet Tracer for young advanced admins – ebook


Jerzy Kluczewski  







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The book: “PACKET TRACER FOR YOUNG ADVANCED ADMINS” is a collection of scenarios and network simulations for users who already have at least basic knowledge of computer networks and experience in the work associated with the administration of basic devices, as well as management of network architecture. The simulations were prepared in such a way as to develop the knowledge already presented in the previous books of Our Publishing House by Jerzy Kluczewski. The second goal, is to popularize the world-famous Packet Tracer program. This book is an excellent resource for students, undergraduates, and participants and graduates of CISCO CCNA networking courses. The themes of the book are very extensive and varied. Multiuser mode visualization, Bluetooth connections, cellular networks, WLAN controllers, industrial routers, IPV6 protocol, are just a few selected issues for which the author has prepared scenarios and ready-made simulation files that can be downloaded from the publisher's website. We encourage you to open the book and browse the table of contents for a broad overview of this book. The author of the publication is Jerzy Kluczewski, a long-time CISCO CCNA Academy instructor. He already has an extensive body of work in the form of published books on information technology. He gained his experience working in industry, and is currently a lecturer at the Gdansk School of Banking. Translation: Agata Skutela an experienced English teacher in Complex of Technical and General Schools in Tarnowskie Góry. Apart from English language she has also been teaching technical English. She is really into teaching and eager to expand her knowledge and workshop to be able to teach the best as she can.

Packet Tracer for young advanced admins - ebook

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