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Przewodnik Euro know how - wersja angielska – ebook


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Discover Polish Host Cities during the European Football Championship 2012 with „Euro Know How – A Guidebook to Euro and More”!

"We can do it and we are proud of it!", "We are proud of what we are creating!", "Because there are people who are worth being admired!" – these are the mottos underlying the creation of the Euro Know How guidebook – a lifestyle album about the four Polish host cities where the matches will take place during the European Football Championship in June 2012, i.e.: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań and Wrocław. Euro Know How is a guidebook to the style of life of the Polish people who travel, create, have ambitions to achieve something in their lives and believe that „they can”. It is a book about places that Polish people are proud of and that they want to show to the others.

The Euro Know How guidebook was inspired by an idea that football supporters wish to see and experience something more than just football emotions. The guidebook is meant to be an album that will be kept for long, that will make people visiting Poland interested by the country’s culture, cuisine and the Polish lifestyle. The guidebook features among the others: cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, as well as fashion boutiques, concept stores and art galleries – grouped by districts, streets or “zones”.

Przewodnik Euro know how - wersja angielska - ebook

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