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Selected Short Works – ebook


Zane Grey  







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Amber’s Mirage (1929, For thirty years old, Jim has spent the search for the mythical „Amber’s Mirage” without finding him. Tsu is a sad story about how his young teammate left the house, loved a woman and went to look for a bright rock over a source that is full of gold. But perhaps this is a mirage...)Bernardo’s Revenge (An exciting story of love and the interaction of man with nature in the jungle, namely tigers.) (1912)California Red (1926, For years Ben Ide had chased and tried to capture the great stallion, California Red, probably the noblest of all the fifteen thousand horses who roamed the northern California plains. But he had always been unsuccessful. Now his chance had come--and he had to make the devil’s bargain with a band of cattle rustlers in order to realize his greatest ambition.)The Camp Robber (1928, An interesting cowboy story about the mysterious robber of the camp who kidnaps strange things.)Death Valley (1920, Of the five hundred and fifty-seven thousand square miles of desert land in the Southwest, Death Valley is the lowest below sea level, the most arid and desolate. It derives its felicitous name from the earliest days of the gold strike in California, when a caravan of Mormons, numbering about seventy, struck out from Salt Lake, to cross the Mojave Desert and make a short cut to the gold fields. All but two of these prospectors perished in the deep, iron-walled, ghastly sinkholes, which from that time became known as Death Valley.)Don: The Story of a Lion Dog (1925, This essay tells about the love of animals to Zane Gray and his understanding of how much a person can know the animal and how an animal can get closer to a person. Zane Gray met Don when she first went to the Grand Canyon. He met many people on this trip, which turned into the heroes of his novels.)The Great Slave (1920, Siena young leader of the disappearing tribe. White invaders take them into slavery, but give a gun, thanks to this miracle of the fiery stick Sienna becomes famous among the tribes and, according to the prophecy, must become a great leader.)Lightning (1910, Lee and Cuth Stewart were tall, lean Mormons, as bronzed as desert Navajos, cool, silent, gray-eyed, still-faced. Both wore crude homespun garments much the worse for wear; boots that long before had given the best in them; laced leather wristbands thin and shiny from contact with lassoes; and old gray slouch hats that would have disgraced cowboys.)Lure of the River (1923, Iquitos was a magnet for wanderers and a safe hiding place for men who must turn their faces from civilization. Rubber drew adventurers and criminals to this Peruvian frontier town as gold lured them to the Klondike. Monty Price’s Nightingale (1924, Monty Price had its secret. Several times each year he scored a nicotyled salary and disappeared for several months. Then, when returning, nobody knew where he was all this time and what he was doing. But when the forest fire happened, he discovered courage in his soul and this event changed his life forever.)Nonnezoshe, the Rainbow Bridge (1915, The book describes the journey to Nonnezoshe, the most beautiful and wonderful natural phenomenon in the world. This is the only such special place I’ve ever visited, but I’m not sure if I could find it myself without a guide again.)The Ranger (1929, In this book, the narrative is from the first person of the American Marshal Marshal, who helps the legendary Texas Ranger Texas Hold Wall to release Fairfield from the criminals.)

Selected Short Works - ebook

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