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Shapes in the Fire – ebook


M.P. Shiel  





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M.P. Shiel, who wrote science fiction, mystery, and other genre fiction from the 1890s through 1930s, first established himself as a member of a Decadent movement in England. He was influenced by the Decadent movement lastingly than most of his contemporaries, in part because the tenets of Decadence resonated with his own personal history and racial views. As the movement faded, Shiel built on the underlying logic of Decadence to create adventure novels involving race-based conflict. Shiel’s racism is disturbing but complex, ultimately leading toward a vision of union between Self and Other. Shiel’s developing views are evident in five of his works from 1895-1901. „Shapes in the Fire: Being a Mid-Winter-Night’s Entertainment in Two Parts and an Interlude” is one of these works that highly recommended for reading!

Shapes in the Fire - ebook

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