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Square Deal Sanderson – ebook


Charles Alden Seltzer  






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First published in the year 1922, „Square Deal Sanderson” was written by one of twentieth century’s most prolific authors Charles Alden Seltzer. This novel was written in the Western genre of writing and marks the latter’s mastery in the genre. Mary, our heroine, is running the ranch alone waiting for her brother, whom she has not seen in years, to come and help as she is about to loose the ranch to the bad guys. Square Deal Sanderson was a son of the great uncultured primitive West. An old time cowboy, his code was the knightly code of a man of honor. For the sake of Mary, he braved successfully the persecution of a trio of land grabbers who had threatened to wrest her ranch from her. The story throbs with the excitement of the wild life of the range.

Square Deal Sanderson - ebook

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