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The Amethyst Box – ebook


Anna Katharine Green  






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On the night of his wedding, Sinclair flosses a precious curiosity from his collection: an amethyst box, containing a tiny flask of deadly poison and he feels sure it can only be one of two people, his intended wife, or her cousin, Dorothy. He goes to his friend Mr. Worthington and together they fight against time to find who has the poison and stop them using it. Too late, whoever took it has used it and now there is death in the house, is it suicide or murder? „The Amethyst Box” written by one of the greatest mystery writers of all time Anna Katharine Green and originally published in 1905. She was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and she is credited with shaping detective fiction into its classic form, and developing the series detective.

The Amethyst Box - ebook

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