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The Bars of Iron – ebook


Ethel M. Dell  






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Avery Denys, the novels heroine, lost her husband and her blind daughter. But in response to these tragic events, Avery simply reflects that she was „left with nothing to do”, and finds a job that allows her to act out the mother role she now misses. A rock to her female friends, Avery is rational yet caring, but also submissive in the face of her eventual second husband’s violence towards her and others. There are many characters with the usual misunderstandings that result in separation for the couple. Healing and reconciliation come with the intervention of two special friends and the children of the minister. „The Bars of Iron” (1916) is an excellent bestsellers book in the United States in 1916 for individuals who are looking for the best one to read. A contemporary classic. Full of passion and love.

The Bars of Iron - ebook

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