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The Divine Lady – ebook


Elizabeth Louisa Moresby  






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This is the story of England’s greatest admiral and his beautiful mistress, Lady Hamilton. Introduced to high society as a host and maid figure Emily Hart is wild and rebels against her violent master. Soon she is taken on by a new man, yet he struggles to reconcile his cool nature and expectation of restraint with her irrational outbursts. Emily is educated in the arts and painted by her beloved Romney and continues to struggle with the invisible societal and moral codes which ridicule her and her vivacious passion is viewed as crude and hysterical. Can she overcome her private and personal demons to reign successful in public life? Or has she left a trail of scandal so great that she will never be accepted? If you enjoy the works of Elizabeth Louisa Moresby then this an immortal tale is highly recommended for your book collection.

The Divine Lady - ebook

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