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The Face in the Abyss – ebook


A. Merritt  






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A simply amazingly creative novel by one of the best of the pulp-era authors, originally published 1931. While searching for lost Inca treasure in South America, American mining engineer, Nicholas Graydon stumbles across a lost civilization. A culture both more barbarous than our own and more civilized; more advanced and yet in some ways primitive. Is it a strange and highly advanced technology, or magic, that is responsible for the wonders of this land? Naturally our engineer meets a beautiful young woman Suarra, and they fall in love. But his arrival triggers an epic battle between the Snake Mother and her arch-rival, Nimir. „The Face in the Abyss” is a brilliant tale filled with weird imagination, marvelous writing, horror, beauty, and it may well be called the most „visual” book ever written for the world of fantasy.

The Face in the Abyss - ebook

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