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The Green Pack – ebook


Edgar Wallace   Robert Curtis  






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The Green Pack” is a novel adapted from a successful play by the playwright Robert Curtis. Robert Curtis was the private secretary to British crime writer Edgar Wallace. Curtis and Wallace met for the first time in 1913, before parting following the outbreak of World War One, as Curtis had to do his military service. In 1916, he was discharged from the service after contracting malaria. In 1918 he was reunited with Wallace who employed him as his secretary, he had the task of copying out Wallace’s dictations, this task he accomplished at such a speed that he was known as the fastest secretary in England. He accompanied Wallace on his travels, and was rarely from the side. After Wallace’s death, he completed some of Wallace’s unfinished manuscripts and turned several plays and film scripts into novels in the style of Wallace as well as writing several original novels.

The Green Pack - ebook

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