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The Hand of Power – ebook


Edgar Wallace  






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The name, „Edgar Wallace”, threads through early twentieth century crime fiction like a stream that turns out to be a lot deeper and wider than you thought. During the 1920’s and 30’s, it was said that one of every four books read in England was written by Wallace, who ultimately produced 173 books and 17 plays. „The Hand of Power” is a tale about the sale of a desk designed by a butler who murdered his wife. This book has all the aspects of good mysteries from around 1930 – a beautiful woman, a young man infatuated with her, a secret society, an evil man, lots of twists of plot, and a surprise ending. It takes place in London and elsewhere in England and on an ocean liner. Highly recommended for people who like to treat a mystery story as a solvable riddle.

The Hand of Power - ebook

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