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The Hollow Needle – ebook


Maurice Leblanc  






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A story of Arsene Lupin, the greatest, most ingenious and most daring criminal in modern fiction. Translated by Teixeira de Mattos Alexander, „The Hollow Needle” by Maurice Leblanc, is one of the many novels featuring the celebrated thief Arsene Lupin. Once again, Lupin crosses paths with the famous Holmlock Shears. The novel’s complex plot is made up of a number of interconnected threads, including a spate of thefts at a castle, the disappearance and apparent death of a young aristocratic woman, and a quest to uncover the hidden treasure of the kings of France. But the greatest danger may be the woman with whom Lupin has fallen in love, for she has made him promise to give up his life of crime forever! Find out everything you need to know about „The Hollow Needle” in a fraction of the time!

The Hollow Needle - ebook

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