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The Magic Walking Stick – ebook


John Buchan  






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The Magic Walking Stick” is a children’s short story by John Buchan. Our hero is a teenage boy who buys a walking stick from a beggar – a magic walking stick that allows the boy to visit many places at his command... It is a fantastical story about a pair of magical walking sticks; one that will cease to function if it is used for any practical purpose, and another that will cease to function if it isn’t. Unfortunately, our protagonist doesn’t know which one he possesses. This charming one-of-a-kind classic is a beautiful compilation which includes the timeless story, „The Magic Walking-Stick” and several additional Arabian Nights classic stories including; The Seven Voyages of Sinbad, The Story of the Magic Horse, The Story of the Fisherman and the Genie and more. It’s a charming and entertaining tale perfect for bedtime reading.

The Magic Walking Stick - ebook

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