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The Middle Temple Murder – ebook


Joseph Smith Fletcher  





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When an elderly man’s body is found on the steps of chambers in the Midde Temple, one of the Inns of Court, it falls to newspaperman Frank Spargo and Detective-Sergeant Rathbury to solve the crime. There is no indication as to the idetity of the corpse, whose pockets are completely empty apart from a scrap of paper bearing the names and chambers address of an aspiring young barrister. Who is the victim? Why was he killed? Who is the murderer? These are the questions that Spargo and Rathbury must answer in „The Middle Temple Murder”. This extraordinary discovery draw them into a labyrinthine web of intrigue, murder and crime in high places. „The Middle Temple Murder” by Joseph Smith Fletcher was first published in 1919 and is a great example of the classical English detective story.

The Middle Temple Murder - ebook

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