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The Mouthpiece – ebook


Edgar Wallace   Robert Curtis  






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The novel of Edgar Wallace’s famous play told by Robert Curtis in story form with all the dramatic excitement and suspense. In the shady setting of a solicitor’s office on the East End waterfront a plan is evolved – all quite legal to get hold of a large American legacy bequeathed to an English girl. Murder is planned and tried: kidnapping, incarceration in a London barge, a dash for freedom, the intervention of the river police and knock-out drops all play their part in the unfolding of the tale which keeps its suspense to the last in as swift-moving a sequence of events as ever Edgar Wallace at his best devised. It is a case where the Yard was best not to call them in – for reasons best known to the characters in the story as the reader will find for himself.

The Mouthpiece - ebook

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