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The Mystery Girl – ebook


Carolyn Wells  






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The cozy college town of Corinth, New England is the setting for this classic locked-room mystery by Carolyn Wells, author of „The Clue”. In the middle of the election of a new president of the University the favorite candidate is found dead. Is it murder or suicide? All entrances to the study where the body was found were locked from the inside. The future college president and groom-to-be had no known cause for suicide, yet no clues in either direction appeared to make any sense. It’s up to Detective Fleming Stone and his remarkable ingenuity to decipher the story’s twin puzzles; the mystery of the locked-room death and the true nature of... The Mystery Girl. One of Carolyn Wells’ most well-known novels, „The Mystery Girl” is an enjoyable, intriguing read that will surely leave you glad for having picked it up.

The Mystery Girl - ebook

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