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The Old Stone House and Other Stories – ebook


Anna Katharine Green  






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A young girl named Juliet, draws the boys in a small village after her, and along the way a rich Colonel, whose love for her reaches farther than anyone would have expected. She also hooks a fiery, unstable man named Orrin. The Colonel gets her to swear she will marry him as soon as he finishes a stone house for her, while Orrin tries something secretive to win his love. The narrator is a former lover of Juliet, and what he tells of is a twisted tale of a selfish woman and an evil man, decide for yourself which man is the villain... Short stories written by Anna Katharine Green. This well-written collection also includes: „A Memorable Night”, „The Black Cross”, „A Mysterious Case”, „Shall He Wed Her? „. Each one contains a mystery and a romantic involvement in the plot, and some have a twist ending.

The Old Stone House and Other Stories - ebook

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