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The Pawns Count – ebook


E. Phillips Oppenheim  






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E. Phillips Oppenheim was a British writer known for his thriller novels. He is credited with writing over 100 novels including suspense, international intrigue, romance, parables, and comedies. His protagonists are known for their love of luxury, gourmet meals, and their enjoyment of criminal activities. „The Pawns Count” is a novel during World War I and intrigue. German, Japanese, British and Americans play roles in this novel. A chemist, Sandy Graham, has discovered a new powerful explosive, but he let’s it slip in a London restaurant that he has made the discovery. So it should come as no surprise, really, when he goes to the lavatory to clean up and never comes back out. Several highly cultured spies from different governments set out to find him and the formula. Read this rather short book to find the answers.

The Pawns Count - ebook

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