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The Prince of Peril – ebook


Otis Adelbert Kline  






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The second of the three Grandon of Venus novels. When the man who was Harry Thorne on Earth offered to swap bodies with a native of Venus, it was because he was bored with comfort and security, and craved excitement. And that was what he got – more than he would have bargained for – when he found that he had taken over the assassin-haunted role of a prince of a beleaguered throne in a land of ferocious beasts and inhuman foemen. With the help of the fellow interplanetary traveler Vorn Vangal he got to know the planet and the rules of it. Otis Adelbert Kline, whose work is often compared to that of Edgar Rice Burroughs, has created in „The Prince of Peril” another interplanetary swordplay and fantastic adventure to stand alongside his fast-selling „The Planet of Peril” and „The Swordsman of Mars”.

The Prince of Peril - ebook

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