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The Profiteers – ebook


E. Phillips Oppenheim  





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A novel of crime and conscience by Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946), the self-styled „prince of storytellers.” „The Profiteers” was written about the stock market post-World War I and pre-1929 crash. The tale of the Bechtel family dynasty is a classic American business story. It begins with Warren A. Bechtel, who led a consortium that constructed the Hoover Dam. From that auspicious start, the family and its eponymous company would go on to „build the world,” from the construction of airports in Hong Kong and Doha, to pipelines and tunnels in Alaska and Europe, to mining and energy operations around the globe. Like all stories of empire building, the rise of Bechtel presents a complex and riveting narrative. In The Profiteers, Sally Denton, exposes Bechtel’s secret world and one of the biggest business and political stories of our time.

The Profiteers - ebook

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