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The Sea Fairies – ebook


L. Frank Baum  






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Enchanting fantasy novel from creator of beloved „Oz” stories L. Frank Baum whisks young readers away on an exciting underwater adventure! „The Sea Fairies” (1911) was designed as the first volume in a new series for children, to replace the „Oz books”. It was followed by „Sky Island” in 1912. Trot, the hero of the tales is a girl, like Dorothy in the „Oz” stories. An old captain, peg-legged Cap’n Bill taught her to love the sea. The sailor told her that „mermaids is fairies, and ain’t meant to be seen by us mortal folk”. One day while out sailing around, the pair is greeted by a beautiful mermaid who extends an invitation for them to come and visit their underwater kingdom and even become mermaids themselves for the adventure. The mermaids are hospitable and introduce them to the ways and other fantastic creatures of the sea. But as they make their way from place to place they must be cautious of the evil, magic sea serpent Zog...

The Sea Fairies - ebook

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