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The Shepherd of Guadaloupe – ebook


Zane Grey  







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The Shepherd of Guadaloupe” is not a traditional Western: the story begins in 1919 and there are no gunslingers, rustlers, Indians, or stagecoaches. Cliff Forest returns from the war to find that his parents’ home has been taken over by the brutal Lundeen, whose own lovely daughter is terrified of him. To break the feud, save his parents, and win the woman who loves him, Cliff will have to defeat death itself. Virginia knows of the injustice done to his family by her father and decides to fight with Cliff to restore the property and to win his heart. This is a poignant love story of a man who only dares to dream of such a woman as Virginia because he knows he is about to die; and the passion of a woman who encourages him and tries her best in every way possible to see he does not die.

The Shepherd of Guadaloupe - ebook

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