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The Tidal Wave and Other Stories – ebook


Ethel M. Dell  






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If you enjoy the works of Ethel M. Dell then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection. Ethel Dell began to write stories while very young and many of them were published in popular magazines. Beneath her shy exterior, she had a passionate heart and most of her stories were stories of passion and love set in India and other British colonial possessions. „The Tidal Wave and Other Stories” collection includes the following short stories: „The Tidal Wave”, „The Magic Circle”, „The Looker-On”, „The Second Fiddle”, „The Woman of His Dreams”, „The Return Game”. „The Tidal Wave” is a very sweet love story with excitement and twists and turns, full of surprises and poignant moments. All the other stories are love stories and are very well written in the classic style of an old-fashioned inspirational love story and have surprises.

The Tidal Wave and Other Stories - ebook

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