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The Top of the World – ebook


Ethel M. Dell  






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This is another Ethel Dell novel. Sylvia Ingleton is left motherless at an early age. Her father remarried a woman who is not happy to share her household with Sylvia. Soon, Sylvia is entangled in webs of deceit to get her married off. Boldly, she announces to her father and would be suitor that she will rejoin her fiancé of five years in South Africa. The backdrop of South Africa’s wilderness, drought, cloud bursts and love triangles leaves Sylvia in a struggle to survive. In this thrilling adventure, she finds her way like a lost child to her „Top of the World”. It is an astonishingly melodramatic novel, with a plot that moves with such gusto from one strong emotional situation to another that you only occasionally pause to consider how very exaggerated and improbable it is.

The Top of the World - ebook

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