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The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman – ebook


Herbert George Wells  






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The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman” is a novel set in the era surrounding the days of women’s suffrage. The story revolves around the wife of a baking magnate who goes into hiding after his female employees go on strike. Although the hero of this novel Sir Isaac Harman didn’t think much of the suffragette movement, his female employees certainly did, and he thought it prescient that he too should do his bit for women’s rights. His wife totally agreed, so he locked her up. However, this gesture was to have far-reaching reverberations as Sir Isaac’s wife becomes the absolute embodiment of women’s independence. „The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman” is a novel by H. G. Wells, first written in 1914. Lots of familiar subjects here – feminism, jealousy, the corporation vs. the little guy. A very very satisfying novel with a wonderfully ambiguous ending.

The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman - ebook

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