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The World of William Clissold – ebook


Herbert George Wells  






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For Mr Britling, eccentric and vivacious writer, the summer of 1914 consisted of long, hot days and luxurious house parties with a host of international guests to entertain him. And when he tired of this, he hopped across the channel where his devoted mistress was patiently waiting. But all this was about to change as Germany began marching into Belgium and Europe no longer provided the easy diversion he had so enjoyed. „The World of William Clissold” is a 1926 novel by H.G. Wells published initially in three volumes. This book, which contains religious, historical, economic and sociological discussions, which expresses fits of temper and moods of doubt, is submitted as a novel, as a whole novel, and nothing but a novel, as the story of one man’s adventure, body, soul and intelligence, in life.

The World of William Clissold - ebook

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