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This Side of Paradise – ebook


Francis Scott Fitzgerald  






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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel, „This Side of Paradise,” focuses on several themes and illustrates some social and moral changes in America during the early 20th century. This semiautobiographical story of the handsome, indulged, and idealistic Princeton student Amory Blaine received critical raves and catapulted Fitzgerald to instant fame. Amory Blaine is utterly an idealist. He indulges in every sense of his dreams, to the point that it becomes detrimental to the state of his status in life. Now, readers can enjoy the newly edited, authorized version of this early classic of the Jazz Age, based on Fitzgerald’s original manuscript. In this definitive text, This Side of Paradise captures the rhythms and romance of Fitzgerald’s youth and offers a poignant portrait of the „Lost Generation.” The novel explores the theme of love warped by greed and status-seeking.

This Side of Paradise - ebook

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