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Trailin’! – ebook


Max Brand  





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Trailin is a classic Western tale of vengeance meted out by six-guns. It tells the story of Anthony Bard, a motherless young man raised among the aristocracy of the East, who possesses a desperate hunger for the adventure that only the Western life could bring him. One day he sees his father murdered in the yard of their home. This starts young Anthony on a trail of vengeance that leads him to the far west. Here, Anthony, a tenderfoot with a knack for survival must track down a legendary outlaw who waits for him, not with a gun, but with a story. Along the way he braves the elements, resists a band of cold-blooded killers and finds love. It is a moving and emotional story of loves and lives lost in a time of lawlessness and turmoil.

Trailin’! - ebook

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