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Tut, Tut! Mr. Tutt – ebook


Arthur Ch. Train  






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American lawyer and writer, Arthur Cheney Train, also called Arthur Chesney Train, was a prolific author of legal thrillers. His most popular work featured recurring fictional lawyer Mr. Ephraim Tutt who became „the best known lawyer in America,” particularly after the appearance of „Yankee Lawyer”, an immensely popular book that purported to be Tutt’s autobiography. Published in 1923, these short stories take place in the ethnic, racial, social melting pot of early Twentieth-Century New York. More humorous cases starring Ephraim Tutt, a very sharp old lawyer who stands for justice, and his battles with those who don’t. Mr. Tutt’s genial tolerance for the denizens of New York sharply contrasts with the hostility he bears towards the real villains of these stories: the judges and prosecutors who would abrogate justice for the sake of their political ambitions. A must read for fans of mysteries and also lawyers.

Tut, Tut! Mr. Tutt - ebook

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