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Virus – ebook


Shirman Stoone  





Wydawnictwo Góra Karmel


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The book consists of a few stories about the history of Church and the changes occurring in it. It begins with the first, ideal one and goes until the present one. Is everything all right with the way Christians believe in God? Maybe Church is possessed by Satan? Four young Americans are studying the Bible. They all believe that you can get to know God by using your mind and that the faith has to be logically explained. They are looking for answers in the Holy Book. Everything would be going at its normal pace if it wasn’t for the jeahawah.com website, which they came upon in the internet. Their views about religion, faith and God all of the sudden reached a new dimension. Their future, planned very carefully for years, became insignificant. What happened? What was their conclusion? What did the seekers of the truth discover?

Virus - ebook

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