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Classique – książka






Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Classique introduces 777 of the most inspiring classical LP covers from its heyday,documenting groundbreaking art work and cover culture that is typical of itsepoch. In the same way that an attractive cover lures you into buying a record,Classique entices readers taking them on a journey through the magnificentevolution of record cover art. Ranging from romantic motifs, naturalism, abstractart, psychedelic and surreal experimentation to supernatural artwork and pureunadulterated kitsch, the diverse examples of classical cover design assembledin the book are immense.
Compiled by avid record collector Hort Scherg, the cover art featured in this bookis taken from his substantial collection and presented in fifteen chapters. Eachchapter is dedicated to the stylistic approaches significant to each decade fromthe 1950s to the 1980s, the variety and characteristic trends for countries suchas the US, England and Russia, the different musical genre

Classique - książka

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