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Poland 1000 years in the heart of Europe – książka


Malwina Flaczyńska   Artur Flaczyński  





Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Poland is a fascinating mixture of tradition and modernity, centuries-old monuments and innovative architectural solutions. The exquisitely edited Poland. 1000 Years in the Heart of Europe offers a journey through this varied country. Almost 400 colour photos show a true kaleidoscope of landscapes: from dunes at the Baltic Sea, through the central Poland plains, to the peaks of the Sudety and the Carpathians. Big-city skyscrapers alternate with majestic castles and thatched-roof houses, and charming small towns – with impressive monuments of technology.
Each of the nine chapters presents a different historical-geographical region and is preceded by an engaging introduction about its history, main attractions, local festivals and natural environment. Descriptions are accompanied by maps displaying the presented places. Three additional chapters regarding the most interesting animals living in Poland, colourful folk culture and spectacular historical events constitute a valuable supplement.

Poland 1000 years in the heart of Europe - książka

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