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Political and economic activity of women – książka





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Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Today, gender equality between women and men is a necessary condition for the existence of a democratic culture. Political and economic activity of women in the twentieth and twenty-first century is of landmark proportions. For many women now, private space is becoming public and public space is becoming private space. (...)
This publication presents examples of women active in both public and private sectors. I hope that the articles presented will contribute to a lively debate in academic circles on the participation of women in the world of public policy.
In this collective paper, the situation of women in different dimensions of political and economic development is analyzed, taking into account other influences or social norms specific to their gender in society. Given the above, please note that the subject has been treated interdisciplinarily.
The work is addressed in particular to the academic circles and also to all audiences interested in the myriad issues related to the broad scope of the activities of women in today’s society. I want to heartily thank all the authors for their patience, collaboration and atmosphere in the process of creating it.

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Political and economic activity of women - książka

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