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Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide – książka




GMC Group


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


In this ultimate survival manual, Popular Mechanics compiles its best life-saving tactics, secrets, stories, first-hand advice and gear recommendations for simple self-sufficiency or when prepping your bunker in the backyard. The book starts with a primer chapter on planning and preparation and the remaining chapters look at how to handle threats ranging from low to apocalyptic risk. Expert tips and captivating personal narratives (lessons from a dog sledder and marooning on an iceberg as polar bears approach) are accompanied by an intricate design, making this book perfect for any prepper or outdoor enthusiast. Topics covered include: how to jump start a car, forage for firewood and build a fire, swim long distances in freezing water, pack the ultimate go-bag, make fire with a gum wrapper and AA battery, along with the ultimate all-weather road kit, a primer on snow-shoeing.

Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide - książka

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