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Sanctum regnum – książka


Tomasz Bereźnicki  




Klinika Języka


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Apart from a new tale, we have also prepared an absolutely amazing thing – a comic book album drawn by Tomasz Bereźnicki, based on the second volume of Bearish Tales („Baśń jak niedźwiedź”), entitled „Sanctum Regnum”(„Święte królestwo”). We decided to simultaneously publish it in two languages, because, as an editor and author, I do not want to pay lip service. I have once made a promise to the readers on the blog that we would definitely try to reach with the content regarding the history of Poland and Central Europe the readers with little knowledge of the subject matter. Our comics is the first step in this direction. I am deeply convinced that this is the right thing to do and that the release of the album is intentional and appropriate.
When people asked me, slightly confused, why the comic book? I always gave the same answer, namely, that I do not have the budget for a film. If I had the money, I would make a historical drama about the fall of Hungary. Well, we certainly don’t rule that out and, if God allows, it may happen someday. For the time being, enjoy the comic book album with drawings by Tomasz Bereźnicki, who is also a musician. Therefore, it is accompanied by a CD with tracks composed by Tomasz. The album contains six thematically-linked instrumental tracks directly related to the content of the comics.

Sanctum regnum - książka

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