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Sport Inc. – książka


Ed Warner  




Yellow Jersey Press


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Why would someone pull the plug on a Premier League match?

What prompts an athlete to search for sponsorship on eBay?

How can the decision of a drinks brand CEO make or break an entire sport?

Why would a sprinter think they can’t afford not to dope?

Sport Inc. reveals the behind-the-scenes finances that drive sport - who gets rich and who gets left on the bench.

Through investigations into a wide range of sports, including how football agents really work, the betting industry and corruption, esports, the NFL’s efforts to take over the world and the real cost of hosting events like the World Cup and the Olympics, the financial realities of our obsession with sport are exposed.

As spectators our choices make us key players in this game of riches – it’s time to find out who’s winning and who’s losing.

Sport Inc. - książka

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