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The Film Book – książka


Ronald Bergan  






Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Bring out the popcorn and settle in for the ultimate countdown of a century of celluloid entertainment.

Rediscover your big screen favourites and get acquainted with new recommendations from The Film Book's ultimate guide to movies, directors, and genres.

From Rear Window to Star Wars, movies are a miraculous magic carpet - transporting you to a world of action-packed chases, epic journeys, and tear-jerking encounters. Enjoy an A-Z of directors from Woody Allen to Wim Wenders, with an appraisal of their best work. The Film Book showcases the 100 most influential films of all time, which range from A Birth of A Nation (1915) - possibly one of the most controversial films ever made - to Lord of the Rings (2001), which used computerized special effects and redefined the word "epic".

Covering every national school of film-making from Hollywood to Bollywood, this book has something for everyone. "Top 10" and "What to Watch" sections will inspire your next movie night. Test your knowledge with the essential trivia section - how much do you know about Oscar winners, biggest flops, banned films, and more?

The Film Book is a cinematic masterpiece bursting with interesting stats, facts, and figures and is essential reading for any film buff.

The Film Book - książka

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